Contact Me

As you read through my blog and try some of the projects and code I’ve written about, you’ll no doubt get in a pickle at some point and need somewhere to turn.

Here’s a few ways to get in touch:

Google Search
When I have any trouble with my Raspberry Pi, the first place I go to is GOOGLE! It’s the fastest source of knowledge and there’s always someone out there that has asked the same question before.

If you need help on something I’ve covered in a specific post, add a comment at the end. This will send me an email prompting me to reply, and also allow others to see our conversation which may answer their questions. I have a regular life to live, a family to see and other things to do, so be patient with me.

Failing those options, and if you want a reasonably fast response, the best place to contact me is Twitter. I should reply the same day, if not the same hour. You can find me at @AverageManVsPi. I still have a day job to get on with though, so I may need to come back to you later if it’s a detailed question.

Google+, Instagram, Pinterest…
I’ve joined other social networks, and some of these are best suited to general interest and casual updates. Instagram can be good fun – letting you see what I’m working on before I post a blog on it. I’m also on Google+ and Pinterest.

I tend to shoot the odd video for YouTube when I have something interesting to show. That might help you…maybe?!

Raspberry Jams
I try to make it to as many of the local Raspberry Jams as I can – perhaps meet me in person at one of these? Follow me on Twitter to see which ones I’m going to next.

Product Reviews
Want me to take a look at your new product for the Raspberry Pi? Please take a look at the product review terms page first, then contact me using the form below.

Send a Message
For any other enquiries such as events, advertising etc – please contact me using the form below: